The project

Using boardgames to fight antimicrobial resistance !

The emergence and spread of pathogens resistant to antimicrobials is especially strong in South East Asia, which will make it one of the regions the most affected by its consequences. Alongside the lack of novel antibiotics, some of the key roots of the resistance problem lie in lack of awareness among the community, as well as misunderstanding of how they work, leading to misuse of antibiotics.

Game-based learning can be a powerful tool for raising awareness, especially with children, as well as with the wider community. The aim of this on-going project, which is based at the Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit in Bangkok, is to develop and test an antimicrobial resistance board game to raise children’s awareness of AMR, tailored to a Thai audience.

Our goal is to create a game both fun and informative, based on solid science. 

We since then created a first version of the game, which you can download and print to play yourself on this page !


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