Drugs vs Bugs

‘Drugs vs Bugs’ (or ‘Drugs vs Bugs’), the game resulting from this project, has now reached a stage we are ready to share !

For the close future, ‘Bugs vs Drugs’ is going to be available as a ‘Print’n’Play’ game : we provide all the files for the game, and you are welcome to print them for yourself, and of course, to play.

We will be very welcome for any feedback you could give us, so please fill in this form once you played the game.

We are still modifying the game as we go along, so don’t hesitate to come back and check regularly to see if you have the latest version of the game.

What do you need to do to create the game ?

  • Print and cut the cards : thick cardboard paper is the best for this. Another option is to use normal paper and to put the cards in plastic sleeves (you can even had a nice back this way !). There are 90 cards in the game.
  • Create the tokens : we recommend to print the research and Lead doctor tokens on thick cardboard again. You can also print the resistance tokens this way, but glass marbles to put in vases or aquarium work also very well and are easier to handle, and can be used as players tokens.
  • Find a resistance bag : any kind of little bag big enough to put your hand in will do the trick, such as linen bags like this. If you are using paper resistance tokens, an envelope could also work.
  • Print the board and the resistance tracker : Printing the board on regular A3 paper (or two A4 pages) works the best.

Game files

English version

Rulebook (A5 sized pages)


Mat (A3 version)

Antibiotic use tracker